Audio for Theatre

Audio for Theatre has been almost completely revamped! We're really fortunate to have 2 outstanding professionals writing and co-hosting this program with us. Professional audio engineer David Eisenhauer is returning for the "nuts and bolts" sections on How An Audio System Works, and How To Operate An Audio System, including ANALOGUE and DIGITAL AUDIO CONSOLES. He has extensive experience at venues like Madison Square Garden, the New Orleans Jazz Fest, VH1, the MTV VMA's, and The Today Show.

In a new section dedicated to Sound Design, we are very fortunate to have Robin Weatherall onboard. Robin has won numerous awards for his sound designs and compositions. He worked with the Royal Shakespeare Company for 17 years as a musician and has worked all over the world as a director, musician, sound designer, and composer for live theatre, opera, movies and television programs.

Anticipated Roll-out Date, October, 2014!

Introduction to Technical Theatre

We're adding a 3 day Unit on Theatre History that ties different historical periods to theatrical conventions of the times. This will also be a great jumping off point for more in-depth studies in Theatre History.

Another new section addresses Script Analysis, Styles, and Production Concept, and why all the designers and technicians must be on the same page.

We're also freshening up many the sections of our original program that address Theatre Hierarchy, Types of Stages, Stage Geography, and a Tour of a Professional Touring House.

Anticipated Roll-out Date, January, 2015!

Stage Management

PTT proudly presents the 2nd Edition of Stage Management, featuring J. Jason Daunter, who recently received the EdTA Founder's Award, and 40 year Equity Stage Manager, Tom Martin.

New sections include SMing Musicals / Operas / Long Run Shows and Touring Shows, Electronic Communication (How and When To Use It), and an expanded section on Relationships and Communication. Other sections have also been freshened up.

Available and Ready To Ship!

Practical Technical Theatre is also proud to present our most recent titles, both in-stock, and available:

Careers in Theatre and Costuming for Theatre

Have EdTA Hall of Fame member Terry McGonigle come into your classroom via DVD to share his expertise in Costuming. In the Careers program, take your students on a virtual tour of 6 very different producing organizations, and go backstage to explore every phase of theatrical production...performance, administrative, and technical. Then explore the different theatrical unions, and get advice on how to get into the business from interviews with 9 different working professionals.

Plus our original 7 programs:

Customer Loyalty Program

We know how frustrating it can be to purchase instructional materials, and have a new edition come out 6 months later. Since we have 17 distributors, and discounting new edition programs would be a nightmare for them, we came up with another idea.

Option 1: If you bought any of the 1st Edition programs in the last 2 years (2012-present), return the 1st Edition to us, Interactive Educational Video, LLC, along with a check, credit card number, or PO for $50.00, and we'll send you the 2nd Edition as we complete them. Just download our order form on this website. The $50.00 helps defray the cost of S&H, accounting costs, and safe environmental disposal of the old program. Please don't send us your old programs until the new programs are rolled out.

Option 2: If you bought any of the 1st Edition programs before 2012, purchase the new edition from us or one of our distributors at list price, then return the 1st Edition to us, Interactive Educational Video, LLC, and we'll send you a choice of 1 of the following packages for each returned 1st Edition program.

A. 1 - classroom set of 30 - 1/4" lighting field templates


B. Stacks of Spike Tape - 4 Fluorescent Colors - 1/2" X 20 yds (16 Rolls iTotal)


C. 3 Rolls of 1" glow Tape

Each of these packages includes S&H, and has a retail value of at least $50.00. If we offered a monetary rebate, in some school districts, that money would go back into general funds. This way, when you purchase any new edition, you will get materials you will definitely be able to use!

As of today, we have the 2nd Edition of Stage Management ready to ship. We anticipate a roll-out-date of October 1 for Audio for Theatre, and a late January roll-out for Introduction to Technical Theatre. The other 5 programs will follow. Check our website often for future roll-out dates!

The Help You Need

Most high school theatre programs have amazing performance programs. This is because the teachers have excellent training in performance or directing, and they possess a lot of natural acting ability themselves. Technical Theatre poses a unique challenge, due to it's many specialized areas. A teacher may be comfortable teaching Stage Management and Costuming, but not as comfortable teaching Lighting Design, Set Construction, and Audio.

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The programs feature hands-on information, the kind students will actually use when they walk into the theatre and pick up a tool, or sit down with drafting tools to design a set or lighting, design costumes, or prepare a program.

Having taught 60 years between us, we know how frustrating it can be to order a new edition of a program or book, and the new edition has different page numbers and pictures, but very little new content. We will be very clear about new materials in the programs as we roll them out, so you can decide whether you want to purchase the new editions, or continue with the first editions.